“Hiking with Achmat is like going on an adventure with a friend without having to deal with the logistics.

Achmat is a trained professional who supported friends and I with an eight week mountain hiking training program to prepare us to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. If it was not for Achmat’s dedication and commitment in preparing us physically and mentally, I doubt if we would have summit the rooftop of Africa.

Every training climb with Achmat was filled with laughter, adventure, sharing of his tips & tricks and him standing for the best in us all. He is passionate about hiking mountains and his passion is contagious in so much as it becomes your passion.

Achmat’s knowledge of every nook and cranny in Table Mountain National Park is not only due to his tour guiding knowledge, but also many years of personal trekking in these mountains. I highly recommend Achmat if you wish to have a safe, fun and adventurous trekking experience and don’t be too surprised if he pulls out his jaffel and whips up a hot breakfast on the mountains…:-)”

Marcel D’allende

“Achmat was a wonderful ‘drill sergeant’ for us Tank Girls when we were training for the Boland 90. He was patient but quietly insistent. He showed up on time and demanded we do the same. He was a rock, a good guide and the best company we could ask for. Maybe we could have done it without him, but we are so glad that we didn’t have to.”

Hilda Gertze